Jvgg Spvrrow

Artist Jvgg Spvrrow (pronounced ‘Jag Sparrow’) is the Carib-style vocals, and lyrical whiz kid behind the hip hop/EDM concept duo, “Gold Lemonade”. Growing up in the French Caribbean, Jvgg discovered his passion for hip hop early on as he spent much of his time in St. Martin and the West Indies. He eventually left school at 16 to pursue music and join the band West Indian Devilz. He then later released a solo single titled “Pirate”, that was in rotation on many web radios over the world. These endeavors eventually took him to multi-platinum partnerships and shows in France, upon where he met DJ Lya, marking the induction of their creative collaboration.

Known for his gritty demeanor, hard-hitting vocals, yet smooth flow and clever lines, Jvgg is part of the inventive yet contemporary sound that makes Gold Lemonade a modern success. He sings and writes all the lyrics, often quoting St. Martin as his inspiration for his work, saying it’s what made him, which generates his heavy cultural rhyme.

The winning combination has propelled Gold Lemonade into creating singles hits, and quick success. The duo, along with Jackie Jackson and Critically Amused, are ecstatically working on the project around the clock. “I’m rushing and trying to get everything on track so I can just roll down the train track. At this moment, everything’s looking good.” says Jackie. With plenty of new releases, and a growing fan-base, Jvgg and Lya are serious about creating a weighty body of work that ties in their diverse artistic background and unique pairing.


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